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  • [Sutton Bridge] Antes de visitar Archidona es recomendable calzarse unos zapatos cómodos porque para visitar su hermoso conjunto histórico vamos a tener que subir y bajar muchas de sus empedradas y... continue »
  • [Conwy] También conocido como el Puente del Águila, se trata de una impresionante construcción situada a las afueras de Nerja. Se construyó en el siglo XIX con el fin de transportar el... continue »
  • [Bristol] Bristol is a fine English city of culture, an impressive hub of art, culture, science, education and heritage. Its... continue »
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  • [Bristol] Situated on College Green in the smart, green, student quarter of Bristol, this fine-looking Cathedral is almost a... continue »
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  • [Bristol] Originating in the 13th century, the Lord Mayor’s Chapel was then called St Mark’s having been erected by... continue »
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  • [Bristol] John Cabot is one of Britain’s most famous seafarers, perhaps best-known for being the first European to travel to Canada in the good ship Matthew in 1497. He was given express permission to do so by... continue »
  • [Bristol] The Old City of Bristol – now its city centre – dates back to the Saxon origins of the settlement at the... continue »
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  • [Bristol] Park Street dates back to 1761 and is distinguished by its stepped terracing design. As you walk up the street you are... continue »
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L’Italia, il Bel Paese come nel suo libro, sul finire dell’ottocento, la definì l’abate Antonio Stoppani, studioso e letterato,... continue »
Bristol is everything that’s cool about England rolled into one. Few cities offer a more exciting night out, whether you want to go drinking in... continue »
Wiltshire is truly one of the most beautiful rural counties of England, boasting a singular wealth of attractions of all kinds. It also happens to be one... continue »
Myths are myths, icons are icons and remain so even if time passes and public tastes change. When we say "Paris c'est toujours Paris" is a... continue »
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