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  • [Siem Reap] The hotel located in the heart of Siem reap is 10m away from the Angkor Wat Temples.The rooms are modern and decorated in a contemporary Cambodian style and all have air conditioning, internet, phone and safety... continue »
  • [Azbakia] This Hilton Hotel situated on the river Nile, is 25km away from the Cairo International Airport and 10mins. Walk from the business district.They have a business center, car rental desk, babysitting service and... continue »
  • [Paris] Take metro line 1 and get off at the Palais-Royal/Musée du Louvre station, or you can reach it with the surface... continue »
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  • [Paris] Through the Pyramid you can access the underground space of the Louvre, where a large lobby is sortingthe directions... continue »
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The ancient city Angkor in Cambodia has been attracting a lot of tourists from all over the world with its myriad mysterious and fascinating temple ruins... continue »
Myths are myths, icons are icons and remain so even if time passes and public tastes change. When we say "Paris c'est toujours Paris" is a... continue »
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