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  • [Copenhagen] Radhuspladsen 14DK-1550 Copenhagen VDenmark Tel: (+45) 3338 1200www.thesquarecopenhagen.com  Located in the city center of Copenhagen, in the Town Hall Square, this hotel is close to the Tivoli... continue »
  • [Nuremberg] The plaza at the foot of the castle, Tiergartnertor square, dominated by the port and the ancient walls, is one of the... continue »
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  • [Nuremberg] The medieval center of the town is the Hauptmarkt - Market Square - which hosts the yearly Christkindlesmarkt - the most famous Christmas market in Germany - , as well as the Old Town festival held in... continue »
  • [Ljubljana] The shape of the square, which embraces four streets and four quays, was designed by the architect Maks Fabiani. He also... continue »
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  • [Ljubljana] The Congress of the Holy Alliance took place in 1821. At that time, the Capuchin monastery which was located in this beautiful square, originally of Baroque style, was removed. The park Zvezda (star) occupies a... continue »
  • [Ljubljana] The square dates back to 1793 and originally bore the name of the Teutonic Knights of the Cross (Križniški trg), who had lived there since the thirteenth century. The monastery of their order existed... continue »
  • [Ljubljana] The Trg Republike, along with the building of the Slovenian Parliament, is the political center of Slovenia, as well as... continue »
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  • [Cologne] It’s a symbol. History has written one of its most memorable pages here. It 's the point of junction of three districts, 4, 11 and 12. It gets its name from the state prison, a symbol of the absolute... continue »
According to the legend, Ljubljana was founded by the Argonauts: fleeing with the mythical Golden Fleece, Jason took the wrong direction at the exit of the... continue »
Myths are myths, icons are icons and remain so even if time passes and public tastes change. When we say "Paris c'est toujours Paris" is a... continue »
Bristol is everything that’s cool about England rolled into one. Few cities offer a more exciting night out, whether you want to go drinking in... continue »
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