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  • [Munich] The Peterskirche, being part to the monastery that gave the city its name, is the oldest church in Munich. Originally constructed in 1158 under Duke Otto I of Bavaria, between 1278 and 1294 it was replaced by a... continue »
  • [Munich] On the Neuhauserstrasse, at number 6, you will find the Michaelskirche, built from 1583 by order of William V, whose... continue »
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  • [Munich] The origins of the Heilig-Geist-Kirche, on Gubestrasse, roughly date back to 1208, to the erection of the romanesque chapel from which stemmed the building of the ancient gothic church; this, in the beginning,... continue »
  • [Nuremberg] The Church of San Lorenzo, a masterpiece of late Gothic style, was built between 1270 and 1350, with the addition of the chancel between 1439 and 1477. Two magnificent towers ending in pinnacles of copper frame... continue »
  • [Nuremberg] Built between 1230 and 1274, the Evangelical Church of S. Sebald - the center of the quarter with the same name - was originally a late-Romanesque basilica with two choirs, out of which today remains the... continue »
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