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  • [Southern Peninsula] Where else but in geologically-active Iceland would the waste product of a power station become a major tourist... continue »
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  • [Ísafjörður] Isafjordur is the capital of the West Fjords region, made prosperous by Icelandic fishermen hauling cod, shark and... continue »
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  • [Reykjavik] Adalstraeti 16101 ReykjavikTel: (+354) 5146000 reservations@hotelcentrum.iswww.hotelcentrum.is This hotel is located in the city centre. It’s a modern hotel and each room has satellite TV,... continue »
  • [Reykjavik] Adalstraeti 4101 ReykjavikTel: (+354) 590 1400 plaza@plaza.iswww.plaza.is This luxus hotel, located in the heart of the city, gives you a good quality service and comfortable rooms.   continue »
  • [Reykjavik] Posthusstraeti 11101 ReykjavikTel: (+354) 551 1440 www.hotelborg.is An ArtDeco hotel located in the centre. The rooms are very well decorated and with all comforts you need. His private restaurant,... continue »
  • [Reykjavik] Hagaforg107 ReykjavikTel: (+354) 525 9900 reservations.saga.reykjavik@radissonsas.comwww.saga.reykjavik.radissonsas.com 10 minutes walk from the centre, this modern hotel is very close to shops,... continue »
  • [Reykjavik] Raudararstigur 28105 ReykjavikTel: (+354) 562 3350www.fosshotel.is The Fosshotel is located in the heart of the city, close to the shops, restaurants, museums, bars, etc. The rooms are all decorated in a... continue »
  • [Reykjavik] Sidumula 19108 ReykjavikTel: (+354) 588 5588 lobby@hotelvik.iswww.hotelvik.is This hotel is located a 20m walk from the centre. Has normal rooms and also studio rooms with kitchen, fridge, microwave,... continue »
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