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  • [Copenhagen] Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is one of the most beautiful and green-friendly cities you can find today. In... continue »
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  • [Copenhagen] Tivoli (founded, 1843) in Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s most visited landmarks and 3rd most visited Entertainment... continue »
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  • [Copenhagen] The Botanical Garden also known as “Botanisk Have” is a lovely green oasis in the middle of the modern city... continue »
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  • [Copenhagen] “Den lille havfrue” or better known as “the little mermaid” is one of Copenhagen’s and... continue »
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  • [Copenhagen] An amazing piece of architecture, symbolizing Danish design at its best, a rising black marble work of art, an... continue »
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  • [Copenhagen] Radhuspladsen, or City Hall, is a large building overlooking a large square and serves as the heart of Copenhagen. You... continue »
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  • [Copenhagen] Nyhavn or the new harbour is a cultural melting pot of all sorts and is as colourful in the day as it is in the night.... continue »
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  • [Copenhagen] Rundetaarn, or the Round tower, is one of the world’s oldest functioning observatories. Built by King Christian... continue »
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