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  • [Ngorongoro Conservation Area] The Ngorongoro Crater is at the centre of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, to the east of the Serengeti national park.... continue »
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  • [Delhi] Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi is the largest trading center in India. It was built in 17th century by Jahanara, the... continue »
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  • [Paris] "We come, writers, painters, sculptors, architects, passionate lovers of unspoiled beauty up here in Paris, to... continue »
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  • [Paris] 324 m height; 10,000 tons; 300 metal-workers have assembled the parts; 18,038 pieces of iron were used; 50... continue »
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  • [Paris] - At the 1st floor there is a cinema screen eight which tells the story of the Tower and of Gustave Eiffel. - There... continue »
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  • [Jodhpur] Sardar Market lies slap bang in the city centre. It has a beacon to signal its location, the imposing Clock Tower that... continue »
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  • [Bristol] John Cabot is one of Britain’s most famous seafarers, perhaps best-known for being the first European to travel to Canada in the good ship Matthew in 1497. He was given express permission to do so by... continue »
  • [Bristol] Park Street dates back to 1761 and is distinguished by its stepped terracing design. As you walk up the street you are... continue »
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Sin duda, cada región tiene sus peculiaridades y atractivos: paisaje, cultura, gastronomía, personalidad. Para bien y para mal, Galicia... continue »
L’Italia, il Bel Paese come nel suo libro, sul finire dell’ottocento, la definì l’abate Antonio Stoppani, studioso e letterato,... continue »
Es la provincia más poblada de Galicia y la que más bares tiene por número de habitantes. Su capital, la Brigantia celta, tiene el... continue »
Fue villa militar desde la Edad Media con la casa de Andrade y hasta su puerto llegaban los peregrinos del Camino inglés. La división de las... continue »
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