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Bradford on Avon

A majestic melange of canals, parks, hills, walking trails, country pubs and high-end restaurants, Bradford on Avon is one of the quaint bucolic gems of the Wiltshire landscape, a real delight for all the senses. As with many English towns, Bradford on Avon began life as a Roman settlement with a Roman villa and mosaic surviving from that era through until today. The Normans established a stone bridge along the ford that had come to characterise the city by this point and the intriguing chapel still located on it was once used as a gaol. The weather vane atop its roof is a great photo opportunity. Before textiles became a major industry in the seventeenth century, Bradford on Avon was the scene of an epic battle between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians fighting it out in the English Civil War.

Notable sights to see include a stunning Saxon church which is 1300 years old, the Victorian Anglican Christchurch, and the grade II listed Tithe Barn that dates back to the 1300s and was originally the place where tributes to the church were paid by local people. Just a brief trip out of the city will take you either to the Mendip Hills or the Cotswolds. The geological area around the town provides the eye-catching Bath Stone, the material from which many buildings old and new are constructed from in numerous cities of the Southwest of England. More contemporary attractions include the Wiltshire Music Centre.

Bradford on Avon’s contemporary economy focuses on Avon Rubber, a particularly high quality material used in various industries. Tourism and retail are the biggest money generators these days however, with visitor numbers peaking during the English summer months. Those who like to sample local English real ale and cider will certainly have to put Bradford on Avon on their itinerary, for here one can visit some truly glorious local public houses and sample not only these unique drinks but tuck into homemade pies, pasties and other traditional dishes. You won’t forget a trip to Bradford on Avon in a hurry and that’s a fact!

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