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Clifton Village

Clifton Village is a charming and attractive central suburb of Bristol boasting some truly fine architecture, gourmet restaurants and traditional pubs. Georgian-style Berkeley Square, erected in 1790, must be one of the most alluring squares in Britain, its splendid gardens fringed by some truly majestic buildings. Royal York Crescent is reputedly the longest (and arguably the most attractive) terrace in Europe which took almost forty years to build. Royal York Crescent includes almost 50 listed buildings and the whole locale has been designated a heritage conservation area that cannot be structurally altered or even tinkered with.

Clifton Village started life as a ‘Clistone’, a hillside settlement that appeared in the Domesday Book. In the age of empire it became a wealthy residential suburb housing members of the gentry who had made a fortune from the slavery and tobacco industries. It was an independent town until the 1830s when it was connected to the greater conurbation of Bristol. Today it caters to the needs of young professionals, featuring classy coffee shops, trendy pubs such as The Clifton and a gamut of great eateries such as Posh Spice, a high quality Indian restaurant. There’s also a small shopping arcade that dates back to the nineteenth century and contains delicatessens, fashion boutiques, wool shops and high-end cafes. The Village backs on to Clifton Down, a gorgeous green lung of the city which overlooks both the Avon Gorge and the Suspension Bridge. Here you can enjoy the delights of the Camera Obscura and the Giant’s Cave, a deep tunnel that runs into the Cliffside and culminates in an underground chamber that used to be a chapel. A quirky sight - only opened up occasionally - is the Clifton Rock Railway which was an ambitious subterranean funicular railway that linked Clifton with Hotwells for years until its official closure in the early apart of twentieth century. Clifton Zoo Gardens is a short walk from the Village, as are buildings of the University of Bristol, Clifton College, the Clifton Club, Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School and Roman Catholic Clifton Cathedral.

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