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Where to eat, to drink, Bristol

Just as Bristol is known as a city of culture, so it is known as a city of cuisine. Its multicultural makeup means that you can sample a United Nations of delicious foods, from Jamaican patties in St Nicholas Market and the ethnic district of St Paul’s to haute cuisine in Clifton bistros. Perhaps the classiest joint in town is Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse in Congresbury, a top-rated steak restaurant established by the celebrity chef Marco Pierre White himself. Bordeaux Quay is the best French bistro in town and has a pleasant view of the harbour that will delight all diners here. Zero Degrees on Colston Street serves delicious California Gourmet-style pizzas, specialty seafood and microbewery beer.

Speaking of drinking, there are so many options in Bristol, you’d barely fit them into a month of consistent going out. For high-energy city centre pubbing and nightclubbing, complete with students in fancy dress and a large police presence, aim for the area around College Green and the Hippodrome Theatre. For something quieter head down to King Street for some of the city’s oldest and best-looking pubs which include the Llandoger Trow (dating back to 1664), the King William Alehouse (offering its own excellent microbrewery beers) and Old Duke, the best place to catch live jazz of all kinds, from trad to bebop and everything in between. Stokes Croft and Montpelier, located to the north of the city, is very much the alternative party option, with plenty of art galleries-cum-bars, live music and spoken word venues, indie cinemas and cooperatively-run pubs and eateries. For something altogether more classy, head up to Clifton Village and enjoy a pricey pint in the garden of the Avon Gorge Hotel. The view across the gorge to the Clifton Suspension Bridge is really something else. For a more multicultural take on nightlife, head down to Easton where you can go to pubs and rub shoulders with people from all over the world and enjoy ethnic treats from such delightful delicatessens as the Sweet Mart.

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