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Cabot Tower, Bristol

John Cabot is one of Britain’s most famous seafarers, perhaps best-known for being the first European to travel to Canada in the good ship Matthew in 1497. He was given express permission to do so by King Henry VII in order to establish lucrative trade routes with far-flung countries. Bristol is an essential aspect of the Cabot story as many of his voyages set off from this historic port. The 102 m Cabot Tower was erected in the 1890s in his memory and is a classic example of a monument that uses the distinctive Bath stone as well as elements of sandstone. The architect was the great William Venn Gough who was also responsible for such Bristolian landmarks as Colston Girls’ School and Trinity Road Library. At 32m high, Cabot Tower is a grade II listed building, meaning that the British government has deemed it a site of preservation. A touching inscription placed at the time of construction speaks of the peaceful unity between the people of the West of England and the peoples of the Americas.

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