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The rich artistic heritage of the Louvre

Through the Pyramid you can access the underground space of the Louvre, where a large lobby is sortingthe directions leading to the three wings of the museum: Sully in front, Richelieu to the left and Denon to the right. Each wing has four floors: basement, ground floor, the first and second floors. These three main areas are divided into seven smaller departments and host the following categories of works:
Oriental Antiques
Egyptian Antiquities
Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities
Arts of Islam
Works of art
Graphic Arts
We give you a list of what can be admired in each wing:
French painters from the XIV-XVIIth century
-German, Flemish and Dutch painters, school of the North
-Works of art from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, XVII and XIX centuries
-Apartments of Napoleon the IIIrd
-Mesopotamia, ancient Iran
-Arts of Islam
-French painters from the XVII-XVIII-XIXth century
-Drawings and pastels from the XVII-XVIII-XIXth century
-Works of art from the XVII-XVIIIth century
-Greece, Etruscans, Rome
-Pharaonic Egypt
-Ancient Iran, Arab World, East
-History of the Louvre and Medieval Louvre
-Italian and Spanish Painters
-Nineteenth-century French painters
-Apollon Gallery, and the Diamonds of the Crown
-Italian, Spanish and North European Sculptures
-Greece, Etruscans, Rome
-Roman Egypt, Coptic Egypt
-African, Asian, American and Oceanian art.

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