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Chronological Path: Egyptian antiquities
The chronological collection of Egyptian antiquities is in the first floor of the Sully wing. Rooms 20 to 30 cover a period that starts from the end of prehistoric times (4,000 BC) to the arrival of Messiah, showing, as in room 22, the statue of Raherka, inspector of the scribes and his wife Meresankh which were taken from the couple's tomb located in the necropolis of the pyramid of Giza, and the famous Seated Scribe, which makes you ignore everything else.
In room 23, there is the statue of Chancellor Nakhti in natural height, sculpted from a single piece of acacia. In the same room, there is the intriguing figure of a naked woman colored in blue and looking very fascinating and mysterious.
In room 26 there is a statue of ivory that is a real puzzle: it represents a naked woman. Scholars have not been able to reveal the origins and function of this statue up to now.
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