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The Sparrow of Ulm
The sparrow with a stick in its beak is the undisputed symbol of Ulm. Standing out on the roof of the cathedral and walking around the city you will recognize it flies around and crosses with plumage patterns and colors. Legend has it that: "Many centuries ago, Ulm was surrounded by a very thick wall meant to protect the city from unwelcomed invaders. For the construction of their Cathedral, the residents wanted to bring in the city of Ulm, timber which was loaded in a wagon, which caused problems, because the gate was too small. The inhabitants of Ulm had already decided to demolish the gate to allow the passage of the wagon when they saw a bird fluttering around it and carrying, a long wisp of straw in the tip, to build the nest. As soon as the bird introduced the straw in a niche in the bell tower, the inhabitants of Ulm were hit by a flash of genius. They laid the beams along the cart, and thus saved the gate from demolition. To thank the bird, so they say, they placed, a monument in the shape of a sparrow on the roof of the Cathedral".
Certainly the legend does not honor the craftiness of the Ulm people; nevertheless they remained very loyal to their bird.
Ulm, located along the banks of the Danube in Baden-Württermberg, is known especially for being the birthplace of Albert Einstein in 1879 and even... continue »
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