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The Christmas Markets
During the weeks of Advent, Ulm is dressed in lights and decorations, opening the doors of its Christmas Market. In the main square with its majestic backdrop offered by the Münster, 120 chalets and wooden stalls are overflowing with local crafts, toys and food specialties from Bavaria. In the glass works, the artisans show everyone how to blow the glass, creating beautiful works of art. Between mistletoe and bells, the aroma of toasted almonds and the Christmas tunes, the atmosphere of festivity is guaranteed. Children are usually divided between the nativity scene in natural size with many real lambs and donkeys, the curtain of fairytales, Santa's sleigh pulled by horses and the rides. Every day, there are concerts, Christmas carols and little shows for all ages.
Ulm, located along the banks of the Danube in Baden-Württermberg, is known especially for being the birthplace of Albert Einstein in 1879 and even... continue »
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