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The City Hall and Library
The Rathaus, built in 1370 with the function of market, became the city hall in 1419. The facade was richly decorated in 1540 with perspective frescos; the south pediment presents the coat of arms of the cities and countries that traded with Ulm, and the representation of an old transportation boat. On the east pediment you can admire a beautiful astronomical clock from 1520. On the internal staircase there is a copy of a flight machine of the "Tailor of Ulm". On the same square, the main library stands out with its 35 meter pyramids with glass facades. The structure, isolated from the urban and figurative point of view, has been erected right next to city hall and has cost 12.7 million euros, filling a architectural void, remembrance of the bombings of World War II, when nearly 80% of the Ulm center was destroyed.
Ulm, located along the banks of the Danube in Baden-Württermberg, is known especially for being the birthplace of Albert Einstein in 1879 and even... continue »
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