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The architectural symbol of Ulm is its cathedral, the Münster, which dominates the main square and the skyline from any point you look at it. The church boasts the tallest steeple in stone in the world, with its 161.53 meters. From the peak, reachable on foot by paying the price of 768 steps, the stunning landscape ranges from the city to the majesty of the Alps from Säntis at Zugspitze. Erected in 1377, this gem of late-gothic style, is grand in scale when you consider that it can host 20,000 people, most of those who were the inhabitants of the city at the time when it was built. From its pinnacles, a statue launches. It was created at the end of the sixteenth century and represents the tailor Bertlingel, who wanted to demonstrate - against the advice of the bishop - that men can fly: unfortunately the wings of his proto-glider didn’t resist and the poor man crashed on the ground. Inside the cathedral, many masterpieces can be seen, from the inlaid wood, including works of art by Jörg Syrlin the Old (the busts of Ulm), created between 1469 and 1474, Hans Multscher and Jörg Syrlin the Young. Try to decipher the biblical stories told by the many figures that decorate the portals. Contemplate and admire the tabernacle, which with its 26 meters high is the highest of all in Germany. In Münsterplatz, you can see the Stadthaus, a new and modern building from 199,3 made by the American architect Richard Meier, which hosts various exhibitions and events and is the home of the tourist office.
Ulm, located along the banks of the Danube in Baden-Württermberg, is known especially for being the birthplace of Albert Einstein in 1879 and even... continue »
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