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Old Delhi Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid in Old Delhi is the largest mosque in India. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the year 1656. This masque stands as an exquisite example for the Mughal architecture. It features a spacious courtyard, where thousands of Muslims offer their prayers to God. It is built on a red sandstone terrace. The tower of this mosque has five different stories, which have projecting balconies. The first three stories are built with red sandstone, the fourth is made up of pure white marble and the fifth one is constructed with sandstone. You can see the beautiful carvings and verses from the Quran in the walls of this mosque.
Jama Masjid is the most wonderful architectural work of Shah Jahan. He spent a sum of 10 lakhs in its construction and nearly 5000 artisans contributed their effort to accomplish the project. It was originally known as Masjid-e-Jahanuma.
Jama Masjid in Old Delhi has three double storied gateways- southern, eastern and Western gateways. The eastern gate was the most important one, as it was used only by the royal family to enter the courtyard. The most inspiring feature of this mosque is the four storied minarets. The domes are another attraction and they feature the alternative white and black patterns in marble. The courtays of this mosque is enclosed by corridors having domed pavilions. The prayer hall in Jama Masjid has a beautiful façade and it boasts of twelve arches that are ornamented with marble frame. If you want, you can climb the southern minaret, by paying some reasonable charge. You can enjoy the panoramic views of Old Delhi from there.
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Old Delhi was founded by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1639. It was originally known as Shajahanabad and was filled with beautiful mansions, mosques... continue »
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