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New Delhi India Gate and War memorial Arch
India Gate and war Memorial Arch is one of the most important tourist attractions in New Delhi, India. The Duke of Connaught founded it in 1921. It was the efforts taken by two British architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, which resulted in creation of this stunning design. India Gate was built to commemorate the sacrifice of these brave soldiers who fought and lost their lives during the First World War and the Afghan wars. India Gate is located on the Rajpath, which means the Royal road. It stands 42 meter high. It is a great relaxation area for the locals during the summer evenings. The names of 13, 516 Indian as well as British soldiers, who were killed in the 1919 Afghan war were engraved on the India Gate. After Independence, the memorial was added Amar jawan Jyothui. The eternal flame burns throughout the day and night in this arch memorial, to honor the death of the soldiers, who gave their lives in the India-Pakistan war, which took place in the year 1971. India Gate was built with the red Bharatpur stone. You can see the word India carved on both the sides of the arch. India Gate features beautiful parks, pools and gardens. If you visit the place in the evenings, you can enjoy viewing the awe-inspiring lawns and fountains that surround this monument. The fountains boasting of colored lights offer a visual treat. The republic Day event and parades are held on 26th January every year in this place. If time permits, you can plan a visit to the nearby Indira Gandhi National center for Arts.
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