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Kyoto is where you will find Japan of your imagination: golden temple, bamboo groves, pebble gardens, and geisha in kimono.
Kyoto is formerly the imperial capital of Japan and always has been the spiritual soul for Japanese. Many Japanese agree that Kyoto is where you can appreciate far better as you are grown and mature, for its spiritual and magical atmosphere.
Here are 4 unmissable cultural attractions in Kyoto.
1. The World Heritages 2. Historical events
3. Flowers and gardens 4. Museums
1. The World Heritages
Currently*, 17 historical sites in Kyoto are registered as World Heritages.
Most famous visitor sites, such as Kinkaku-ji temple(the golded temple), Kiyomizu-dera temple, Ryoan-ji temple (pebble garden), Nijyo-jo castle,
are all here.
World heritages in Kyoto, Official site of Kyoto Prefecture is: http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/visitkyoto/en/
*on the date of December 2009
2. Historical events
It is not exaggerating to say that you can find a few historical events everyday in Kyoto.
Over the weekend, especially, historical ceremonies and events are being held around Kyoto. Have a look at Event Calendars before visiting Kyoto, and you may come across a gorgeous historical ceremony.
Find Event Calendars at:
3. Flowers and gardens
Delight to the eyes, all year round.
Pram flowers in early spring, cherry blossoms in April, fresh green leaves in May.
Hydrangea is beautiful in summer, red and yellow leaves in autumn. Even in winter, snowy forests are chic.
Admiring beautiful flowers is one thing, but the real luxury for adults maybe is to appreciate native grasslands and moss coated rocks, as well as tranquility of stone gardens with a cup of green tea.
4. Museums
After a visit or two museums, visions of old capital over 1000years will overlap easily with the figure of modern city. It will add more pleasure to your visit.
There are many gorgeous museums in Kyoto. Make most out of it, not only for a shelter from the rain!
List of museums:
Good museums for Kids:
The Museum of Kyoto http://www.bunpaku.or.jp/,
*A tip to keep away from all the tourist crowds*
Plan ahead of other people!
© 2009 Yumiko Kato
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