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Munich: Music and Entertainment
Without a doubt, the city’s most dynamic and cheerful area is the Kultfabrik, a true Mecca for those who love dancing, listening to live music, enjoying a beer and having fun. Once a key industrial area, today it is a major manufacturer of entertainment and culture. Over a surface of 60,000 sqm, there is a succession of discos, private clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, concert halls, recording studios and exposition spaces for young artists. Every month, these venues welcome around 300,000 people and the energy they generate has changed the face of these cold and Spartan buildings, turning them into a multipurpose complex, a true highlight of the city.
Kultfabrik - Grafinger Strasse 6, D-81671 Berg am Laim, Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 49002928 - www.kultfabrik.de
Other suggestions:
The Muffathalle Café - Zellstrasse 4, D-81667 Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 458750/80 www.muffathalle.de It hosts concerts by national and international artists.
The Nachtgalerie - Landsberger Strasse 185, D-80687 Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 3245-5595 - www.nachtgalerie.de Sizeable disco with two large dancehalls dedicated to commercial-disco and rock & classic music, a smaller one for heavy metal music and an open air beer garden with traditional Bavarian music.
The Backstage - Wilhelm-Hale-Strasse 38, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 126610/0 - www.backstage.eu The ideal disco for lovers of heavy metal, britpop, rock and reggae; on weekdays it also hosts live music shows.
Kranhalle - Hansastrasse 39, D-81373 Sendling-Westpark, Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 72488/0 -
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