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The Hofbräuhaus and the other beerhouses
The Hofbräuhaus was established in Munich on September 27th 1589, but it was only from 1610 that the beer produced here ceased being a Court exclusive, but could be purchased by private citizens and also sold by other beerhouses. The building that currently houses the Hofbräuhaus was opened in 1897; on the ground floor there is the most frequented salon, with its frescoed vaults, long solid wood tables, orchestra and waiters in their perfect Bavarian attire. On the first floor there are the tidier and more elegant salons. For a long time, the beerhouse was one of the main stages for German politics: it was in this very venue that, on February 20th 1920, the largest meeting of the National-Socialist party took place.
Hofbräuhaus - 9 Platzl, D-80331 Altstadt-Lehel, Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 2901360 www.hofbraeuhaus.de
Other useful suggestions:
Hofbräukeller - Innere Wiener Straße 19, D-81667 Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 459925/0
Augustiner-Keller - Arnulfstraße 52, D-80335 Maxvorstadt, Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 594393 - www.augustinerkeller.de
Löwenbräukeller - Nymphenburgerstrasse 2, D-80335, Stiglmaierplatz, Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 526021 - www.loewenbraeukeller.com
Paulaner Bräuhaus - Kapuzinerplatz 5, D-80337, Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt, Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 544611/0 - www.paulanerbraeuhaus.de
Chinesischen Turm - Englischer Garten 3, D-80538 Altstadt-Lehel, Munich. Tel: (+49) 89 383873/0 - www.chinaturm.de
Biergarten im Hirschgarten - Hirschgarten 1, D-80639 Munich. Tel.: (+49) 89 172591 www.hirschgarten.de
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