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Travel sometimes inspires you with a particular color to describe a country or a city that you visit.
You may describe Madrid as blue of the blue sky and you may image Rome with yellow ancient stone walls.
Tokyo can be described as the colours of the spectrum.
The colour of the summer-sun that streams through buildings and reflects on asphalts,
the neon lightings in the downtown after the night falls,
the luminescent bluish white of mobile phone screens,
or maybe,
the warm colour of lights that illuminate shrines.
These are the colours of Tokyo.
As enveloped in lights night and day, Tokyo seems a night-less city in another dimension.
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) accounts for more than 1/6 of total GDP of Japan. Without doubt it plays a vital role politically and economically for Japan and even for the world, considering the economy of Tokyo metropolis holds as large economy as one of the 15th largest country.
Tokyo is also known as a gastronomic city.
The internationally renowned Michelin Guide, which rates restaurants on a scale of zero to three stars based upon good food and service, has rewarded 203 restaurants in Tokyo in the edition 2009.
Jean-Luc Naret who is in charge of this guide praises, “Tokyo is the best gastronomic city of the world.”
Celebrities who visit Tokyo from all over the world seem to have their own favourite restaurants and book them to enjoy their stay in Tokyo even more.
Every restaurant, from reasonably priced Japanese casual food to 3 star-Michelin-awarded French cuisines, will satisfy every bon vivant with the high quality food and impeccable service, and that is why Tokyo is a city of gourmand.
Walking in old town Tokyo, you will find traditional residents, historical temples and shrines which bring you back to memories.
If you carefully look around, you will find a red-painted Shinto shrine on top of the super modern skyscrapers or a Buddhist stone statue at a corner of fashionable shopping mall.
It seems that modern days and past times are balancing delicately and finely co-existing, even though it is almost a paradox.
“Tokyo is a mysterious city”, many tourists from abroad are amazed by this image.
On a street of Tokyo, if you stop walking against streams of people, you will witness that both human and objects are flying by you.
The power and speed of Tokyo seem to disapprove anyone to pause even for a quick moment.
If you stay still there yet, Tokyo flies away leaving you behind with residual image of dazzling lights and a little nostalgia.
© 2009 Yumiko Kato
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