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Bhuj is an important city located in the Kachchh district of Gujarat, India. It was established by King Maharao Hamir in 1510. It is well known for its palaces and temples. It houses the oldest museum in Gujarat. The Hall of Mirrors and the Pleasure Pool are some other fascinating tourist spots in this city.
Palaces in Bhuj were built in the traditional Kutchi architectural style. Aina Mahal (the palace of Mirrors) is the most inspiring place to visit. It is located in the old part of the city. It is surrounded by a fortified courtyard. This palace was built by Rao Lakhpatji in 1750. It is a two storied building that comprises of a Darbar hall, a hall of mirrors and lots of suites belonging to the royal family members. The Hall of Mirrors in this palace is the masterpiece of Ramsingh, an adroit craftsman. It features radiant white marble walls that are covered with mirrors and beautiful ornaments. The podium tile floor in this place is surrounded by a series of fountains. The large chandelier made up of Venetian glass adds to the charm of this palace.
Prag Mahal:
Prag Mahal is a gorgeous palace made of Italian marble and sandstone. It was built in the year 1879 by Rao Pragmalji.
Kachchh Museum:
Kachchh museum in Bhuj was established by Sir J. Fergusson, the Governor of Mumbai in 1877. It was originally known as Fergusson museum. It exhibits a wide range of rare artifacts, such as pictures, weapons, instruments, archeological finds and so on. This museum is closed on Wednesdays and on second and fourth Saturdays every month.
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