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Nyhavn or the new harbour is a cultural melting pot of all sorts and is as colourful in the day as it is in the night. This 17th century waterfront was constructed by King Christian V from 1670 to 1673 and dug out by Swedish prisoners. The colourful, often crooked houses that dot the northern side are old, some as old as 1661, which you can witness if you go to no. 9, and are all built with wood, bricks and plaster. These houses which once were infamous for their brothels and merchants are today restored and serve as locales for restaurants, bars and cafes. Loads of boats line the harbour, which represent the olden-days boats and ships that often came in and parked at the quay. Today these old boats and the medieval architecture around it are open for exploration, as you can enter and observe many of these boats. Sun-drenched streets that line this heritage harbour make for a good gathering spot both amongst tourists and locals. With the live music and activities on offer here one can soon relax here and forget the worries of the world. At night this place turns into a party zone.
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