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Radhuspladsen, City Hall
Radhuspladsen, or City Hall, is a large building overlooking a large square and serves as the heart of Copenhagen. You will encounter it one way or the other and serves as great cultural and social meeting place, hence the large number of activities that always take place here at any one time or the other. The city hall itself is big and historical and an architectural landmark in its own right. The square is also home to the statue of Hans Christian Andersen, a name that needs no introduction. Furthermore, the square is a good starting point to branch out and scan Copenhagen. The closes attraction is of course Tivoli, but many other museums and famous buildings just lie around it. There is also the shopping street “Strøget” that starts off from here. The facade of the city hall building is adorned with statues of notable residents and famous historical people, but the biggest advantage here is that it is even more beautiful to look at from the inside, with large paintings, statues, photos and maps at every level. What’s more, it is free to enter and since you will pass by anyway, it’s worth a look. For the more adventurous, there is a tower to climb which offers panoramic views of the city.
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