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Black Diamond National Library
An amazing piece of architecture, symbolizing Danish design at its best, a rising black marble work of art, an eye-stopper of a building works its magic on you as your wandering gaze comes to a halt when you see it. The Black Diamond building, which serves as the Royal Library in Copenhagen, was designed in 1993 and unveiled to the public in 1999. Architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen won the European architecture competition for the design in 1993 and represents a break from standard library structures. Today as many people go to see the library building just from outside as do inside. The brilliant structure which is formed by two black cubes that rise majestically and tilt over the street below are connected by a large glass atrium (hence the name diamond), 8 storied high. Symmetry blending with asymmetry and motion against stillness is what defines the building. The reflections of the sky and the water body that it leans against make for a stunning picture, while the ribbon of glass that joins the cubes allow for panoramic views of the waterfront. The building is connected to the old library via 3 bridges, of which, the main bridge is adorned with a beautiful 210 square metre mural on the ceiling by Danish painter Per Kirkeby. At night, the atrium takes on a different view and stands out against the skyscape while the ground level made of transparent glass which cuts through the the Diamond at the entrance level gives the illusion that the building is floating.
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