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Den lille havfrue, The little mermaid
“Den lille havfrue” or better known as “the little mermaid” is one of Copenhagen’s and Denmark’s prime attractions. Piffed by the locals and joked as too small to be worth a visit, this relatively small statue created by the sculptor Edward Eriksen in 1913 is a major landmark and tourist attraction today. While a recommendation from a local will probably be for you to skip it, what makes it worthwhile to see this little sculpture sitting on a rock at the edge of the water is first and foremost the accompanying scenic walk that you will take to reach it. Secondly, the charming history behind it as it will remind you of Denmark’s most historical literary global export, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, with one of his famous stories being about a lovelorn mermaid and her wish to see the surface and human beings and gain the love of a human prince. And lets admit it, if you are visiting Copenhagen, you of course don’t want to go back home to queries of did you see the little mermaid? What is of course even more entertaining is seeing people trying to climb the slippery rocks to have their picture taken with the beautiful, though melancholy, mermaid.
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