Abiyoyo tutorial

How to travel with Abiyoyo. How to travel on a giant.

Abiyoyo is a friendly tool for travelling. It allows you to explore countries and cities in a couple of steps. It is completely free and ready to suggest you new trips. This short guide will introduce you to the very basic navigation concepts and will teach how to properly use Abiyoyo.com.

Abiyoyo experience

Let's start from home. It is clear layout to collect the most interesting items. It intents to be a quick access to the information. Map, albums, guides and article are displayed in order to offer you the widest choice as possible.

  • Choose a map area and get underway. Directly upon the map, you can select one continent and get immediately a complete overview on it.
  • The photo strip show you the top rated pictures. Click on one picture to explore the whole album it belongs to. Simply by using the arrows, you can skip to the next (or previous) pictures.
  • The dashboard sorts the items according to the following criteria, Latest, Top Rated or Most Viewed, respectively. Expand the lists by clicking on See more contents.
  • What's up today? On AbiBlog you can read and comment the latest news about Abiyoyo. Leave a feedback, teach us how to improve Abiyoyo.


Welcome into the heart of the giant. This page combines the map position with the contents below. According to your wishes, such a layout can be switched from Full View mode to Photo View one (only album colletions), and back. Now move the map and enjoy it.

  • Play with the green pins. They group together articles and albums. Opening them with one single click and the map will automatically zoom in.
  • This area displays the articles embraced by the map. With the category buttons you can rearrange and filter all the contents below.
  • Go faster, travel on the tag-clouds. Select one tag and find out what Abiyoyo knows about it. Besides use the tag search field on the top-right corner as well.


What is this article? It is a review or a descriptive text referred to a precise place on the planet. Abiyoyo-iers share experiences through articles. But more. You can rate their quality, comment and share them.

  • Each article can be part of your personal guide. It is free. Just add it to your Playlist and start to build your route.
  • Do you need more information? This column offers you complete travel guides. It lists all the possible guides the current article is related to.
  • Each article is connected to many other contents selected by proximity. Browse among the related contents.


Now let's have fun with photography. Albums are collections of pictures geographically located on map. You can find them everywhere on the website. Now check how to use them.

  • You can flick through the album, simply clicking on picture or using prev/next. It is easy. Try now.
  • Do more with pictures you like. Add them to your Playlist. Rate and share them. Find out where they are on the planet.
  • Not enough? Discover many others among the related albums.


Restaurants, hotels, seesightings, etc. Already got all you need to know for travelling? Open a guide and take some good advice from other voyagers.

  • The guide cover collects for you the best pictures. Clicking on View gallery, you will open immediately the complete album.
  • All the articles embedded into the guide can be sorted by category. Simply choose one category from the bar to filter all the contents.
  • Guides go on tags. Here you are all the tags related to the guide. Keep on exploring by moving on the tags.

Playlist and share

Now it is your turn. Create a Playlist and fill it up with your favourite articles, pictures or you own texts. The Playlist is the source of your personal guide.

  • In this menu, you can find all the Playlists you created. They are stored in Abiyoyo's memory. Always editable from everywhere.
  • Ready to generate your personal guide? Click on Print button and your guide is immediately ready to be printed or exported on your mobile devices.
  • The contents of your Playlists can be edited whenever you want. You can move them by drag-and-drop or delete. Enjoy it.
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