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What is Abiyoyo?

Abiyoyo is a site, a future social network, a guide, a vast collection of photographs of various places in the world, and something more, because its aim is to invite you to "travel" through the words and images of those who have been lucky enough to enjoy the pleasure of seeing the faces and customs of different people, landscapes described in books or to set foot on mythical places.
Ulysses, king of Ithaca, Calypso and the island Ogigia, Circe and the island Eea, Polyphemus, boats and sirens are familiar referents of the world's most famous classic hero's return home, overcoming all dangers and false appearances. Even today, the Greek hero is an inspiration for travellers and wakens up the desire to behold wonders and monsters (needless to say, from which it is possible to escape).
Travelling, whether it be inspired by curiosity, by the adventurer inside us or by the need to escape our daily routine, is one of the great human aspirations, and synonymous to seaching for knowledge; Abiyoyo offers you a virtual gateway through which you will be able to travel and gain knowledge.
If you log in into Abiyoyo, you can share all those feelings with others and, maybe, find help for you to create your own adventure.
The journey may well be real: people who visit Abiyoyo.com search and collect information to create their own customized travel guide based on their own experiences, or to display images of possible destinations or places they have already visited, which you can export, for example, to your own blog.
However, there are lots of travellers whose only options to get to know the world, be it due to geographical distance and/or economic issues, are books, films or Internet.
Abiyoyo provides a tool where the selected content may be included in a playlist, presentation or guide, freely generated by each user, while being also a tool to exercise our imagination, to learn about other cultures and even to communicate with them.

Abiyoyo's 3 basic points

Abiyoyo is a virtual project and therefore:
  1. It has no geographic or linguistic borders: the experiences of each user and all its contents are available free of charge through an open and intuitive exchange of stories.
  2. It picks up experiences and issues related to travel, reporting and describing, through monographic or thematic magazines. It also includes space for travel narrative.
  3. This project rewards the ideas. On the economic side, we estimated that the income will be reinvested in the system (about 25%), and on collaborators (approximately 75%)

Why is "Abiyoyo" the name we have chosen for our project

Abiyoyo is the title of a song by the American folk singer Pete Seeger, a song based on traditional African popular culture. The text of the song is a children's tale about a giant.

[...]They ran across the fields
[...] And the giant started to dance "Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo!"

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