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If you are fond of writing, you are familiar with a particular place in the world, and you are also interested in subjects such as art, cuisine, traditions and festivals, architecture, or the natural world, Abiyoyo hopefully invites you to become a member of its team. Consider yourself invited. In its final version, Abiyoyo will assign all possible benefits according to the pleasure given and the feedback about your articles from the users. Let us know your proposals, in any language, and wait for our answer.


Abiyoyo is, by conviction, a system open to all sorts of contributions. Both in the area of photography as in its contents, its basic aim is to enhance communication, over and above whatever forms and styles, but by keeping in mind that quality in our virtual world will always be an added value.

The content and images of our site endeavour to offer diverse visions of different countries, thus showing as well all the possible angles from which emblematic buildings or sites can be contemplated. The profile of collaborator is that of anyone who is ingenious, curious, enthusiastic or specialized in any of our subjects and wishes to share his or her experiences or even to suggest new spaces of communication.
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"in this ugly time, the only true protest is beauty" (Phil Ochs)