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About us

Abiyoyo is the ongoing result of the work of two passionate lovers of photography and travel: an italian and a spanish. Our key words are: web, travel, photography, design and art.

The Abi-team

We would both like give our special thanks to Abiyoyo LAB, an Italian team - Sicilian to be precise - of developers and designers who made this idea possible, and are working hard to give it shape and structure.
Finally, our contributors are more than worthy of mention; it is they who create this virtual world through their articles and experiences, favouring the exchange and intermingling of cultures and ideas.

Abiyoyo fully endorses the vision of the ill-fated American singer Phil Ochs: "In these ugly times, the only true protest is beauty".
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"in this ugly time, the only true protest is beauty" (Phil Ochs)